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Natural Aura All Natural Room Sprays

Fresh Outdoors All Natural Room Spray and Air Freshener

Fresh Outdoors All Natural Room Spray and Air Freshener

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Natural Aura Fresh Outdoors All Natural Room Sprays is a unique combination of Vanilla and other natural scents.  This delightful and pleasant fragrance is formulated with natural and naturally derived products.  Natural Aura uses a unique dispenser that utilizes air to propel the product from the container.  Spray onto upholstery, linen, rugs and other material but you should always spot check first.  Great aroma for bathrooms, kitchens and the whole house.

The ingredients used in this room spray include essential oils from Pine, Rosewood, Limes, Cedarwood, Oranges, Geranium and others to create the Fresh Outdoors fragrance you'll enjoy.

Natural Aura uses a unique dispenser that utilizes air to propel the product from the container.  This product can be sprayed upside down unlike a typical aerosol.  Also, you'll notice that there is not much, if any, product remaining in the container.  It is designed to dispense almost 100% of what is in the container.


This formula consists water along with essential oils to create the unique aroma. This is blended with sodium oleate decyl-glucoside (derived from sugar) and grain based alcohol.

The container is made of PET and is Powered by Air.

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The container is 2" in diameter and 8" high. The package that you'll receive in the mail is approximately 5 3/4" wide x 2 1/4" deep x 9" high. This box can hold 2 bottles and we ship individuals bottles in this package as well.

Care Instructions

Do not spray directly into the face or people or pets. Spot check before spraying on fabric and upholstery. Do not store in temperatures above 120F. Do not store in temperatures below 40F.

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Customer Reviews

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Great scent!!

I was looking for a product that would smell good, natural, would last long and wouldn't bother my dog. This was great! My kids keep putting it in their room. I love that it uses air to spray the product!!